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Bishop Sam Valverde


Since my youth, I began using this concept of 'trees of righteousness' to give Bible studies to acquaintances and friends.

More than thirty years ago I would give this Bible study on paper napkins in restaurants, on notepads, in taxi cabs and everywhere else that I had a captive audience. I once gave the study by using a stick to draw the pictures in the dirt! Don’t laugh, both ladies converted to Christ; one is now a pastor’s wife.

In 1991, the Lord granted me the privilege of writing this Bible study. Initially, the purpose was to mobilize men of the church to behave manly or like the Andrew of the Bible, whose name means 'manly'.

  • The introduction in the manual describes how Andrew had a lifestyle of bringing people to Jesus.Armed with this tool, the brothers began to teach this study. The results were several: first, many people were converted to the Lord, we can say thousands. When women saw men evangelizing successfully, they joined the effort and started evangelizing their friends. The rest is history.

  • If in some apostolic circles the following question was asked: How many of those present received the 'TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS' study before they were converted? I don't think I'd be too wrong to say that many, if not the majority, would raise their hand. Thirty-two years later, we have updated the study, now TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS 2.0.

    • A full-color, 85-page teacher's manual (8 x 11.5 inches). The manual includes review sheets for students to go over the lesson and answer questions about it.
    • A chart with 42 illustrated, color cards (14 x 8.5 inches)
    • 9 explanatory videos for each lesson.
    • The two-hour training session (given on September 16, 2023) for you to use as a reference.
    • Every Christian desires to share the gospel, but they ask: How can I do it in a simple, systematic, and effective way? Besides the Bible, is there any available tool to share God's love with the lost? The answer is YES!For over thirty years, countless soul winners have successfully shared the 'TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS' Bible study with thousands of people. Now, those individuals who were converted through this study are sharing it with others.

Justification By Faith

We have updated the graphics, colors, and design for a more contemporary presentation. We have inserted a lesson titled “Justification by Faith.”

We have changed the version from the King James Version (KJV) to the English Standard Version (ESV), which uses a more contemporary language and is, therefore, more pleasant to the unconverted, while it is faithful to the respected King James translation.

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Let's Open The Bible

This introductory lesson is for people that know little or nothing about the Word of God. It explains the infallibility, the importance, as well as the divisions of the Bible. It also explains Isaiah 61:1-3 in a step-by-step fashion.

The Animal (Natural) Man

Based on I Corinthians 2:14 and Galatians 5:19-21, this lesson defines the natural man and his characteristics and biblically exhibits the fruit a person in this state naturally produces. Its purpose is to demonstrate that we are all sinners in need of a savior.

Justification By Faith

We are saved by grace through faith by Jesus Christ. This lesson defines what it means to be justified by faith and it describes how, through that justification, we have access into the realm of the grace of God, in order to continue with the process of salvation.

The Repented Man

Here we see the effects of the mighty Word of God when a sinner genuinely believes. Once a person sees their true condition before God, the only option is to repent and embrace the cross.

The Born-Again Man I

In this lesson we examine Jesus' dialogue with Nicodemus found in John 3. Re-birth through baptism in Jesus Name is firmly established.

The Born-Again Man II

We continue with the topic of the need to be born again in Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus… Here we study the need to be born of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues.

The Carnal & Overcoming Man

The Carnal & Overcoming Man

If the born-again man does not learn to walk in the Spirit, he may become Carnal. After the newness of his conversion wears off, or if he was motivated only by emotion, the desires of the natural man may spring up and deter his spiritual growth.

The Overcoming Man

As the born-again man learns to walk in the Spirit and “cut-off” the wrongful desires of the flesh, he will overcome the flesh and guide himself by the Spirit. This lesson gives help on how to establish good Christian discipline.

The Reprobate & Spiritual Man

The Reprobate Man

If the carnal man continues in that state, he may become a reprobate. Even though we do not dwell on this issue in this study, the candidates must know that salvation can be lost.

The Spiritual Man

As the overcoming man continues to strengthen himself in the Word, he will eventually become a spiritual man. This is God's goal for the life of every believer so that he can be used for the further expansion of the kingdom while naturally producing the sweet fruit of the spirit.